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Sing with


An interactive journey into

the world of sound


to spark the curiosity and imaginations

of 2-6 year olds

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My classes are a place for exploration. I facilitate musical learning in a fun, creative way, creating patterns and pathways that will last a lifetime.

In a six-session online adventure that takes us from ‘Life is a Carnival’ to the ‘Sounds of the Deep Blue Sea’, we use song, percussion and movement to discover the world and express our experience of it. 


Learning Through Play


The early years are the most magical and also the most crucial in your child’s development. My online classes are devised with a profound understanding of the early years (EYFS) curriculum.


Through music and song, we will develop skills in all the key learning areas:

  • Communication and language

  • Physical development,

  • Personal, social and emotional development

  • Maths

  • Literacy

  • Expressive art and design

  • Understanding the world. 


I use classic children's songs, percussion, dance, natural sounds and graphic scores to encourage...

An interest in the natural world and environment


An interest in other cultures, languages and musical worlds


The ability to express and regulate emotions through music.


The idea that music is accessible and inclusive


A sense of FUN!


About me

  • Classically trained vocalist

  • Professional singer, songwriter and musician with a decade of live international performance experience at festivals and venues including Glastonbury, WOMAD, Outlook, North Sea Jazz, British Summer Time and London’s Roundhouse and Royal Albert Hall. 

  • Six years of early years educational experience as a key worker and music specialist at outstanding settings in both London and Mexico City.

  • Time spent living and collaborating musically in Ecuador, Cuba, Colombia and Mexico.

  • Bilingual with a BA in Spanish 

  • MA in Ethnomusicology

  • CELTA qualified 

  • DBS Checked  

Once upon a time...

... we could gather in groups to play and sing together

This course was created in quarantine, devised in response to our 'new normal' and out of a deep determination that Covid19 couldn't mean that music had to stop. I designed this course in order to provide my students with continuity in a time of crisis.


I was the first person with reservations about how engaging online teaching could be, but I entered the brave new digital world with a big smile and an open mind and was soon overwhelmed by the response of my students at the schools I work for.

I am confident that this programme provides an engaging introduction into the world of sound that is valuable and meaningful for young children. And so I set up this site to spread the love a little further....

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